Tips for visiting Salem, the village of witches


Salem Witch House

The small city of Salem It is famous in the world for the trials that dozens of women suffered that in the late seventeenth century under the accusation ofwitchcraft.

But what not many know is that it was also one of the most important areas of trade with Europe after the arrival of the English to the American continent.

Taking advantage of our most recent trip to Boston, we wanted to tour some surrounding area without leaving Massachusetts and in this way visit this town with so much history.

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  • Salem Massachusetts History
  • How to get to Salem from Boston?
  • What to see and do in Salem Massachusetts
  • What to see in Marblehead

Salem Massachusetts History

Salem It is one of the most historic villages of all U.S.

The city is famous mainly for those known as Salem trials.

Between 1692 and 1693, almost 200 women were accused of witchcraft, and a few dozen were finally hanged; that's why todaySalem is known as the Villagedand the witches.

Today it is a small city of 40,000 inhabitants, where the country congregates every year on the occasion of the festival of Halloween, since it is the place where this traditional holiday for Americans is celebrated with more emphasis.

But this place is also one that best represents the history of the independence of the United States.

House of Witches in Salem

Here came the first Puritan settlers from England willing to live a new life in the new continent.

It was also an area where many of the first millionaires of the U.S, which were mostly merchants who traded carrying materials from Americas and bringing products from all over the world.

Is by Chestnut Street where are the mansions that these merchants built to distinguish themselves from English settlers.

Also here the famous meetings of the Tea party that gave rise to the emergence of the current New England formed by the states of Massachusets, Rode Island, Main, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

How to get to Salem from Boston?

Salem it is 25 kilometers away north of Boston, and you have two recommended options to go, by car or train.

Our first idea was rent a car to visit some villages and landscapes of New England by the way,.

But we only needed the car for one day and connoisseurs that the traffic in the boston city At certain times it is insufferable, we prefer to look at more options.

Salem corner north of Boston

For visit Salem We planned to hire a guide who spoke in Spanish and thus soak up his story well.

In the end we chose to hire a Salem tour from Boston with a guide in Spanish, which also included the visit of Marblehead, a beautiful village typical of New England.

This excursion lasts four and a half hours, you transfer by minibus and pick you up and leave you at your own hotel.

If you prefer to go on your own, as I said you also have the option of going by train from the North station, and you will arrive in just over half an hour, with an hourly frequency.

What to see and do in Salem Massachusetts

Then I will indicate the highlights to visit in Salem.

Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

If what interests you most is the story related to witches of SalemNo doubt this is your museum.


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Our excursion included a guided tour to witches museum, in which during a tour of several rooms they explain how what happened happened.

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To begin, they explain why 14 women were charged, and then executed, in a first trial that changed the salem story forever.

Currently the houses of those first women accused of witchcraft are still standing, which can be visited through the Salem walkway.

Once this event is seen, in other rooms the history of the witches in the world is reviewed, and when healers and druids begin to be considered sorcerers for their potions.

This museum includes curiosities such as the moment in which through the cinema, and more specifically in the film The Wizard of Oz, the witches begin to be represented with the green face.

Salem Walkways

Sculpture of a Salem witch


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He Salem Walkway It is a path clearly marked with a red line on the ground, which runs through the streets of the city passing by the 14 houses that belonged to the women killed in that first famous trial.

It is the best way to visit the city, because the fact that this path has been designed has influenced the standing and restoration of houses from the early eighteenth century, which would otherwise have been lost.

It is not easy in the United States to see constructions of the year 1700, since it is a country with a very short history.

But Salem was one of the first American populations, when they were still English colonies.

Custom House of Salem

Custom House of Salem

Salem It was very important because it was the first commercial port in the United States, and that's why they needed a customs.

This old customs of the time of the revolution of the Native Americans against the English, is an emblem of the history of that city.

This is where the famous movement began Tea partywhich were meetings against the tariffs on tea and the oppression of English settlers throughout the area of New England.

Right in front, and going unnoticed because when we went we were unarmed, there is a replica of the May Flower, the first ship that arrived until Massachusetts with Puritan English settlers.

What to see in Marblehead

Marblehead mansion near Boston

On the way to Salem from Boston, there is a town we loved visiting: Marblehead.

We were lucky to live the characteristic cloudy day of New England, with a dense fog between huge mansions where many of Boston's great fortunes live.

It is very curious to walk streets with a succession of mansions with that typical American style, and to be able to see them without problem, since it is not usual that the houses in this country have fenced the front gardens.

In short, a place with a lot of charm that is well worth knowing.